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Here's What It Is

This is not about gender

This is not about race

This is about human

This is for every soul


This is about laughing with your hair down, licking ice cream off your fingers or the tickle of water on your toes.


I can’t tell you how to…

v Loose weight

v Find a mate

v Look younger

v Make a million dollars in four days

v Or how to make a casserole


After spending several years pursuing my poetry, I turned to playwrighting because the voices in my head weren't getting out fast enough.  My poetry has been featured in multiple publications including When I Open My Eyes: Reflections on Self, Life & Love edited by Morgiana Celestine. 

I wrote a play called Driving Down the Price of Honey and I think that it also drove me crazy. I love that play. You'll hear more about it. 

I bring to theater not only a B.F.A. in theater from Valdosta State University but several years of experience as an arts administrator at Arena Stage locally and Second Stage Theatre in New York City. Right now, I'm just your run of the mill frustrated  writer with a passionless day job. I don't know what I'm looking for exactly out  of this. I guess just setting more of those voices loose.